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Sewmebox"stitch your stress away"

What is a sewmebox?

With a Sewmebox, you can create your own unique handmade garments tailor-made to your exact specifications. This all-in-one package includes a curated selection of fabrics, patterns, and materials, carefully chosen to meet your sewing needs. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced seamstress, Sewmebox provides everything you require to bring your creative ideas to life. With a cutting plan in your desired size, you can start sewing right away, armed only with a needle and scissors. Unleash your imagination and enjoy the satisfaction of crafting something truly extraordinary. Sewmebox – where creativity knows no bounds!

Current Sets:


Why Sewmebox?

All in one:
fabrics, threads, needles, notions
and patterns.

Easy and personalised:
Custom-size your pattern and fit.

Sewmebox: Needle and Scissors, you’re ready to go!

Frequently Asked Questions:
What skill levels are the kits for:

The box will vary from month to month, some will be more suitable for advanced sewists and some for beginners. In each description this will be explained.

The types of fabrics will also vary, but many tips will be added on how to handle the fabrics. The boxes will include woven and knitted articles.

Are the box’s available in other languages:

Yes, they are, all information, sewing tutorials are available in both English and German. 

Do you ship international:

Yes, we do, follow this link to are shipping information, or drop me an email if your unsure

What if I need help?

Katies Sewing Tutorials MP4 Films that come with each box set can be used alongside the pattern instructions, The short film takes you through Key construction steps and will help you to achieve the finishing touches on your garment that you will be super proud of!

Joining the friendly Sewmebox Facebook group, simply join using the link below

It’s a lovely space to share your Sewmebox makes and questions other who are working on the same projects.

How can I hear about new boxes?

Simply sign up to the newsletter and be the first to hear about the new box launch’s. You will receive a 10% code when signing up.

Buy the measure chart!

How to
measure yourself.

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